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Michael Santillán

JavaScript Developer

My name is Michael Santillán, born in Ecuador, I am 28 years old and I currently live in Brazil, where I work with web development using mainly JavaScript language, either in front-end or back-end.

Right now I'm working as a back-end developer at Vizir and before that was a front-end developer at Leet, the company behind Postgrain. More professional information can be found on my Linkedin.

I appreciate the open source movement and the benefits it brings. For this reason whenever I can, I try to somehow contribute on some projects on Github. The most recent were buefy, create-nuxt-app, vue-eleicoes-2018 .

It's been a while since I've added the habit of reading to my routine, including every new year I update my reading challenge on Goodreads.

These are my last read books:

Ponto de Inflexão
Empreendedorismo - Transformando Ideias em Negócios
Do mil ao milhão: Sem cortar o cafézinho
Investimentos inteligentes: para conquistar e multiplicar seu primeiro milhão
Mini-hábitos: Como alcançar grandes resultados com o mínimo esforço

And finally, between one activity and another, I use Twitter. Today is the social network I use the most. It's through it or Telegram that you can contact me.